Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh! Nuts Review

Did I ever tell you I like nuts? Not talking about my friend Lynette over at Crazed Mind or Juls with the Crazee Scotts but about nuts. Like cashews, pecans and pistachios, mixed nuts are wonderful. And they are good for your heart too! In particular, nut eating greatly lowers the risk of heart disease. Nuts are of course a fatty food and many might worry that they will put on weight by eating more nuts. Happily though, on present evidence, nuts do not seem to cause weight gain. This is great! In fact, nuts are a suggested snack on the new eating plan I am on.

Well the folks over at Oh Nuts! were kind enough to send me Assorted Pastel Jordan Almonds, Mixed Nuts Roasted Salted, and Honey Roasted Cashews to review. I sat across the street with Grandma Marge and we snacked on these the other night. Yeah, one of my fellow nut lovers is right across the street. We kept reaching in and grabbing more and more til we realized we could eat the whole bag. Thankfully Lynette showed up just then to relieve us of the addiction. A few handfuls later she was begging for someone to take it away from her. Yeah, she fell into the same addiction. I am not sure anyone could eat just one or two nuts and walk away. At least no one around here.

Not only are nuts good for snacking, but I love cooking with them. Nuts add a great flavor to everything from salads to desserts. I love slivered almonds on desserts, pecans with fruit, walnuts in breads, I could go on and on. The recipe possibilities are endless when it comes to nuts! So, definitely keep OhNuts! in mind for all your nut needs this holiday season.

What is your weakness? Mine is cashews and the candy coated Jordan almonds, and Grandma Marge loves pecans. Lynette says that she has to stay away from pistachios or she never stops eating them. So are you a nut lover? Or just a Nut?

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Lynette said...

just a nut lol too bad college girl does not like them